Accounting & financial statements

Accounting systems are organised individually and requirements change, depending upon the circumstances of the business. We thus rigorously tailor our services to the needs of our individual clients. We can provide support for both year-end and interim statements as well as in relation to everyday processing activity, whether annual or weekly, and can do this either remotely from our offices or in situ with you.

Our services

  • Preparation of annual and interim statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Swiss GAAP FER
  • Reconciliation of accounts prepared according to the Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS and US-GAAP to the Swiss Code of Obligations
  • The preparation of consolidations and group accounts
  • Financial statement consultancy concerning business and tax-related issues
  • Support concerning

– special issues of accounting

– the creation of an Internal Contro System (ICS)

  • The updating of ongoing accounting
  • The issuing and requesting or administration and payment of customer and supplier invoices
  • The issuing of ongoing value added tax returns
  • The preparation of budgets, further statements, additional evaluations etc

Working for you with the right software

Thanks to the use of the internet-based solutions ABACUS and BEXIO, tasks and work can be flexibly allocated between us without any problem. This means that we can provide targeted support to you that is tailored to your accounting needs.

Our staff is also experienced in further applications and programs, including SAGE 50 and 200, SAP, PEBE, Navision, Profix and Buspro. So there’s no problem with us working with you in situ.