Corporate consultancy & evaluation

As corporate consultants we will accompany your business through processes of restructuring, expansion, conversion and growth. Regardless of your company’s stage in the process, we can support you in relation to structuring, organisation, and execution in order to enable you to concentrate on running the business.

Our team can value businesses or parts thereof as part of purchase or sale negotiations and compile business plans and concepts for investors, banks etc.

Our services

  • National and international start-ups/transformations of businesses
  • Cash management and liquidity planning
  • Financing concepts and support in discussions with banks
  • Issue of reports and figures
  • Consultancy in relation to corporate succession
  • Support in the preparation of business plans
  • Temporary representation in relation to accounting issues / administration in situ
  • Valuation of businesses and parts thereof
  • Support and supervision of MBOs
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate restructuring