Unita Finance & Fiduciary does not only advise in the area of crypto and blockchain, it also accepts the payment of its fees in crypto currencies.

As a modern and future-oriented trust company, we keep up with the pace of digitalisation. Blockchain and crypto are already an integral part of our everyday life. In the canton of Zug – Switzerland, the « Crypto Valley », crypto currencies are already accepted today by the public sector for the payment of fees. A pilot project allows the city of Zug residents to rent bicycles via a blockchain-based application. Many young entrepreneurs from Switzerland and abroad in the crypto and blockchain sector have their headquarters in the canton of Zug.
We regard this new technology as an important cornerstone in the digitalization of our everyday lives. That is why we also offer consulting services in this area and can also call ourselves specialists. In the Crypto Valley we are already known as the “Crypto Trustee”. We work with a large network of partners who all have extensive experience in this field
We also accept crypto currencies to pay for our services.

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