Family Office

Family office services include a variety of tasks, ranging from concierge services through accountancy tasks to asset management.

Only an independent interlocutor can guarantee that your needs will be at the centre of attention. Relationships of dependency and conflicts of interest are unavoidable within banks, insurers and other service providers, which focus their business policy on the most profitable opportunities. We can help you to deal with all of your financial needs to your own benefit, which may also involve cooperation with more than one bank.

Our services

  • Assistance in the establishment of banking relationships and financing
  • Monitoring of investments, businesses and banking relationships
  • Issue of calls for tender and collection of bids
  • Business partner for all financial questions
  • Investment consultancy
  • Monitoring of compliance with agreed specifications by banks
  • Advice concerning asset investment and corporate structuring
  • Representation on management bodies and membership of boards of directors
  • Establishment and operation of investment structures or a fund